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Why A Mini Series Of Reflexology Beneficial?

When Clients come into our PetalRoot Reflexology Clinic we often recommend a mini series of reflexology treatment.

What is a mini series and why is that recommended, you may ask?

A mini series is a treatment once per week for 4 to 6 weeks. Reflexology works to rebalance the body's nervous system and hormones, boost circulation, improve digestion, lesson body pain and foot pain, boost immunity, relieve depression and insomnia and much more. After the first treatment, clients will usually find relief from the condition being treated and sometimes conditions not being treated, for a day or two. Then the condition returns. After the second treatment, the client often will experience relief for a longer period and then the condition returns but with less severity. After the third treatment, the relief will last longer and return with less severity. Eventually the client returns and the condition has not returned all week!

Reflexology balances the body over and over again building on treatment from week to week until it get's "over a hump" maintaining the balance on it's own.

We only recommend a mini series to our clients that have a chronic condition that they are seeking to resolve.

Reflexology is calming, feels wonderful and is therapeutic even after only one treatment but it gains momentum as treatments are stacked.

Whether you are stacking treatments, coming once in awhile or trying out reflexology for the first time, it is beneficial, feels amazing and clients enjoy it so much that coming weekly is usually a welcomed suggestion.

Book an appointment today and try it out for yourself!

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