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Hailey's Bio

RMT Training (not licensed in BC), Body Worker, Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner


I credit two main things to my approach to holistic wellness and self care - one, spending nine years working in the spa and wellness industry. And two, growing up in Canmore, Alberta surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I refer to 2020 as the year of my holistic education. I attended my first year of RMT school, completed my level 1 and 2 reiki certification and completed my yoga
teacher training. This was the upside of 2020 for me, finally stepping into what I always thought was destined for me. 

Since moving to Kamloops in 2021, I have been treating clients and really flexing those practitioner muscles, no pun intended. I truly feel I have come into my own style and rhythm and adding reflexology to my offerings has just brought me even closer to my calling and passion. I feel such happiness and achievement when I have clients leave feeling more relaxed, in more relief and in less pain. I take a holistic approach to wellness and like to incorporate energy work into my massage therapy treatments and the motto ‘leave it better than you found it’ applies to my work and my life. 

A lot of clients will find an emotional response to the work we do, and I am here to hold space for you. I believe that you cannot pour from an empty cup and I am here to help you refill yours so you can be the best version of yourself, without risking a drought of self. I have learned so much over the years about PTSD and how trauma can lock itself in the body and impact the functionality of our organs, endocrine system and nervous system, and I believe wholeheartedly this can be combated with regular self care including massage, reflexology and yoga - just to name a few. 

I look forward to meeting and treating you.

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