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Christie Bio

Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Certified, LPN/Orthopedic Technician and working on an Orthomolecular Nutrition Diploma.

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I am very excited to welcome everyone to this space. I am a mom to three young adults, a
bonus mom to a sweet young lady, and a grammy to 1 little girl. I grew up on the coast, but
have been in Kamloops for the last 19 years. My spiritual journey really started to unfold about
6 years ago. I have always been very intuitive, and just accepted that without much
questioning. However, do to some very traumatic family circumstances I really started looking
for some spiritual healing in order to cope with my grief. I did some traditional counselling, but
found that I needed something more. The first spiritual/energy work that really spoke to me
was Body Talks. It is what helped pull me out of some really difficult times, and helped me to
separate what was mine, and what I could not control. I learned to understand that our bodies
really do hold onto traumas, emotions, feelings, and that we are usually unaware of this until it
presents as pain, anxiety, depression. I continued to try a number of different healing
modalities, read a ton of books, learned how to meditate, and just slowed down. I always
seemed to come back to energy work though.
After leaving my nursing career of 16 years, I took some time to really listen to what was calling
me. I am a healer and an empath by nature and I knew I wanted to help people. So, I
combined my nursing knowledge and a speciality in orthopaedics, with my love of energy
healing, and landed in reflexology. Since then I have also completed certificates in Body Talk
Access, Reiki, and am working on an Ayurvedic Medicine Diploma. I also work with Quantum/Scalar energy.
I look forward to being a part of your healing journey, or just helping you to relax.

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