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Jo Bio

Reflexologist and Reiki Practioner

Jo Pic_edited.jpg

Hello everyone. I am Johanne or as many people call me, Jo.
I am looking forward to meeting you, helping you to relax, enjoy some peace and maybe find a new and healthier way of living.
I have always had a passion to support and help others. Whether it’s with self care, new ideas, natural health options or different ways to deal with the many paths and forks we encounter along our journeys. Through my love of creativity I met Ms. Chelsea Harris and Ms. Dana Chasse at an event.
Wow! A brand new path was opened up for me. My love of energy work and reflexology was finally brought to surface-without fear.
During my very first reiki session I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of me. I had been carrying it for many years. I knew I had to learn more about reiki, reflexology and chakras. I began taking courses. I am embracing all the benefits from these natural and therapeutic modalities and helping others to do so as well.
I meditate on a daily basis, use 100% pure essential oils to help emotionally, when needed, and I love incorporating oils in my daily life.
I look forward to helping you relax, take care of your self and maybe find a little peace and tranquility in a overly busy hectic world.

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