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Tammi's Bio

Reflexologist and Reiki Master

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At one point in my life following several intense surgeries I was left in a state where my body had deteriorated so greatly, making everyday movements like getting to the ground or up onto something extremely difficult.
I wasn't ready to give into a life of chronic and debilatating pain. Sitting up, standing and lying down..... it all was excruciating!
Through a gentle yoga class I met a woman who was to become my future Reiki teacher. I was open and willing to try anything that I could possibly find to experience some relief and to increase my quality of life. Shortly after meeting my new mentor.... she began doing Reiki treatments on me. Not only did  I continue to feel less pain I also at that time noticed the energy in my body began to flow with more ease. Due to the immense healing that I experienced during her sessions I eventually decided to became a student. I have always been very intune and sensitive to energy! This was "right up my alley!"
After learning how to use energy healing to enhance my own  life I then began to help others to also find their healing paths.  Shortly after I also discovered Reflexology. This modality resonated with me as well.  I decided to begin taking an intensive Reflexology Course. In my experience  reflexology is an extremely deep and healing modality which has resolved many of my chronic health issues while also increasing my overall state of  wellness. Reflexology has affected me in a positive way both mentally and physically.
It has been a rough path to get to where I am today. I am excited to use my skills and to share my healing journey with those who are searching for health and wellness in their own lives.

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