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Maureen's Bio

Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Esthetician

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Hi everyone!  My name is Maureen, and I have embarked on this amazing journey of self-love and care.   

How did I fall into this, you might ask?  Being born to parents in the beauty industry, I was already on my way to where I am now without realizing it. I am a retired Licensed Aesthetician and have always been aware of the different healing modalities our universe has to offer.  

Reflexology has always been an interest of mine, and every chance I have I always get a treatment involving the feet.  I find it amazing how the soles of our feet have so many pressure points to assist in helping to heal our bodies.

On a trip to Australia, I was introduced to Reiki, another alternate healing technique working with the chakras. I sought out practitioners and after having a series of Reiki sessions, I became convinced that I needed to learn Reiki to self-heal and to heal others.  

 I have also discovered the benefits and properties of crystals and stones, which I create into bracelets and malas.  I have 5 grandchildren plus 2 on the way.   

Today I find myself wanting to delve further in both practices and the universe has presented me with an opportunity that is too good to pass up working with 4  amazing like-minded practitioners. I am looking forward to offering both Reflexology and Reiki to our community. 

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