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3 Ways Reflexology Relieves Foot Pain

Are your feet tired, sore or downright painful? Are you tired of living with this discomfort? Is it negatively effecting your life and slowing you down?

You are not alone. I see client after client suffering from foot pain. Many of them have tried everything to solve this problem. Seeing Dr.'s and Pediatrists, using various different types of insoles, buying expensive shoes and using special foot rubs. Often they come to me feeling discouraged. They sometimes believe that Reflexology is going to be just one more failed attempt at feeling even a little bit of relief.

I'm happy to report that most of my clients find relief within the first few visit's and 95% of them find that their foot pain completely disappears and never returns after 6 to 8 visits.

Reflexology works in 3 different ways to elevate foot discomfort.

1) Fascia & Muscle Release:

Some of my clients have pain due to a physical issue in their foot. Whether it be caused by tight fascia (plantar fasciitis) or sore and tight muscle the pressure points used during a reflexology treatment and a special technique I use to stretch fascia allow the tightness to dissipate and relieves the discomfort.

2) Inflamed Reflex Points:

Often people have trouble finding a cure for their pain because it is not really the foot that is the primary issue. Let me explain what I mean. Some of my clients believe they have plantar fasciitis when really they have trouble sleeping and the point associated with insomnia on their foot aches and is inflamed. It's actually the reflex point that hurts. When stimulated this pain often disappears quite quickly and the client also begins to have improved sleeps.

3) Nerve Pain:

All of our nerves in our body end abruptly in our feet. Reflexology works to calm the overstimulated nerves including our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mechanism) and the brain as a whole. That is why people often find that back pain, anxiety, chronic headaches, MS, and such nervous system conditions are greatly relieved but Reflexology.

I don't pretend to understand exactly how Reflexology works since it is somewhat of a mystery but I do know that I see real results with my clients on a daily basis. Especially when it comes to foot pain and discomfort. The benefits are huge and it's wonderful to see clients back on their feet again (pun intended) and enjoying life. Try it out for yourself.

Reflexology Relieves Foot Pain and Gives You Your Life Back!

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