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PetalRoot Reflexology

Clinic and School
Kamloops, BC
PetalRoot Has Expanded!
We now have 6 Practitioner's / Reflexologist's and many different treatments for you to choose from.



This relaxing and therapeutic treatment begins with a warm and bubbly footbath, next you relax into the massage table and enjoy a combined foot massage along with the stimulation of a series of reflex points which are connected to organs, glands and tissues throughout your entire body.

Not only does this powerful treatment aid in relief from stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia but also treats hormonal imbalances (menopause), body pain, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, edema, fatigue, digestive and reproductive disfunction and much more.

Book a treatment today and feel the effects for yourself!


Relax into a session of deep healing with the Ancient Japanese Healing technique called Reiki. 

Move stuck emotions and energy, realign chakra's and relieve physical ailments with this soothing and rejuvinating treatment. 

We offer reiki in combination with reflexology and massage. The combination treatments are extremely popular since you receive the therapeutic benefits of both or several modalities in one treatment. 

Check out our combination offerings or book a full hour long reiki session.



Relaxing Back Massage

Enjoy and benefit from a deeply healing massage geared towards relaxation, soothing the nervous system and releasing stress and tension in a gentle way.  

This intuitive treatment is infused with aromatherapy, hot healing stones, steamy peppermint towels and slow, rhythmic movements to help your body and mind move into a resting state.

This is NOT a deep tissue massage. The approach is to relax the nervous system, thereby allowing the muscles to release and let go naturally
Book now to explore the healing effects of this treatment.



Have you always wanted to learn Reiki or Reflexology? 

Now is your chance!

Whether you're looking to use your new learned skills in order to aid in healing your friends and family or to develop a professional practice both of these powerful modalities can be life changing.

Take the first step and learn something new.

Both courses are a day long and include information on the origins of the practice and also lot's of "hands on" learning.

Contact us for more information or book your course online.

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